Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Lancaster ltd now offical back with the Waste Disposal Club

Hello folks,

Lancaster ltd is now back with the Waste Disposal Club

The Waste Disposal club  is the irish way of life !!

It is openend now for alrady some time, but now i deceide it
to see it as a part of my Lancaster ltd.

The team of the Waste Disposal Club is Lady Romena Stars, Gaby Stars and me.

The waste is opened on thursdays with our DJ  Greythistle and also
DJ Brielle.

Saturdays its time for live music, on a regular base you will see artists like
  •  Neomaximus Brandenburg
  •  Djembe
  •  Nivor the siniging rooster
  •  Lonewolf
  •  Coffe 
and more !!!

This saturday it will be the famous Paul Nowles and Neomaximus
stay tuned for more about that

Yours Cyhtleen

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