Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017

Djembe live at saturday !!!

Djembe live at 1pm slt at the waste

He is a live singing performer who often sings live while DJing and does solo live singing performances of various musical styles.
 Djembe's background includes many years of professional musical experiences including conducting, teaching, and performing, he has sung in a major opera chorus, sung solos in many churches, and even sang back up vocals on a CD produced for a contemporary vocal artist.
 He plays percussion instruments of all kinds, favoring the Marimba and "djembe" drum circles.  He also plays Trumpet and some piano. 

Djembe has taught instrumental and voice private lessons and also in music programs in public schools. His outstanding results in teaching have provided him with the qualifications to be an adjudicator, he has received  many awards, and created some outstanding students along the way.  He has also performed in professional pit orchestras for the Ice Capades and various other events.

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